Les Heures Bar

Designed by interior architect Bruno Borrione as a permanent interplay of contrasts between Art Deco and contemporary materials and colours, the bar Les Heures offers its guests timeless elegance at any hour.

Under the extraordinary chandelier and coloured frescoes of what was once the bar’s entry hall, the heyday of this fantastic establishment is brought to life. Here, the historic and cross-cultural sources that defined the Cocktail are reinterpreted with a modern twist, and always with a touch of French refinement.

Faithful to their origin and purpose, a seltzer siphon, a champagne tap, and other service instruments have naturally found their place in the cadenced movement of the barmen – knowledgeable hands who awake the memories of the roaring twenties and the mythic muses of Paris.

Les Heures Bar

33, avenue George VParisFR

+33153237777 Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation
  • Daily: 8:00 AM - 1:00 AM